University of Iowa TILE Publications Title

- Van Horne, S., Murniati, C., Saichaie, K., Jesse, M., Florman, J., & Ingram, B. F. (2014). Using qualitative research to assess teaching and learning in technology-infused TILE classrooms. New Directions in Teaching and Learning, 137, 17-26 pdf

- Florman, J. (2014).  TILE at Iowa: Adoption and Adaptation. New Directions in Teaching & Learning, 137, 77-84.  pdf

- Ingram, B., Jesse, M., Fleagle, S., Florman, J., & Van Horne, S. (2013). Transform, interact, learn, engage (TILE): Creating learning spaces that transform undergraduate education. In R. Carpenter (Ed.), Cases on higher education spaces: Innovation, collaboration, and technology (pp. 165-185). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

- Van Horne, S., Murniati, C., Gaffney, J. D. H., & Jesse, M. (2012). Promoting active learning in technology-infused TILE classrooms at the University of Iowa. Journal of Learning Spaces, 1(2), June 10, 2012.

- Van Horne, S., Murniati, C., & Saichaie, K. (2012). Assessing teaching and learning in technology-infused TILE classrooms at the University of Iowa. In EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s Seeking Evidence of Impact.  pdf

Soderdahl, Paul S. (2010). Library classroom renovated as an active learning classroom. Library Hi Tech, 29, 83-90.  pdf


Other Research Title

- Van Horne, S., Murniati, C., & Saichaie, K. (submitted). Examining the factors associated with student learning in technology-infused classrooms that support collaborative learning.

- Beichner, R.J., Saul, J., Abbott, D., Morse, J., Deardorff, D., Allain, R., ...Risley, J. (2007). Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP) project. In E. Redish & P. Cooney (Eds.), Research-Based Reform of University Physics (pp. 1-42). College Park, MD: American Association of Physics Teachers. pdf

Brooks, D.C. (2011). Space Matters: The Impact of Formal Learning Environments on Student Learning. British Journal of Educational Technology, 42(5), 719-726.

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