Announcement of Office for Teaching, Learning, & Technology

Announcement of Office for Teaching, Learning, & Technology

OTLT Organizational Diagram

As you may know, ITS Instructional Services, Evaluation and Examination Services and the Center for Teaching have transitioned into the new Office for Teaching, Learning, & Technology.

This new structure is intended to enhance the visibility and availability of teaching support for faculty and TAs by improving the coordination of pedagogical and instructional technology support.

"The new organization will provide faculty with expanded support and collaboration opportunities for all of their teaching needs in one place," says Maggie Jesse, Senior Director of ITS Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology.

Drawing on the strengths of the existing units, OTLT has a multifaceted mission:

·       Facilitating faculty and graduate student professional development related to teaching.

·       Improving course instructional and curricular design.

·       Developing and supporting teaching environments and student learning spaces.

·       Conducting research to improve teaching programs and services.

·       Providing enterprise-wide instructional technology solutions, including support for effective student and faculty assessment.

"Staff in OTLT are passionate about excellence in teaching and learning, and we are anxious to provide engaging pedagogical workshops, individual faculty consults, exciting innovative teaching support, assessment at all levels, robust instructional technologies and classroom spaces," says Jesse.  "There is something here for everyone."

If you have a teaching support question, concern or innovative idea, OTLT is here to help.