A Busy Summer for TILE

A Busy Summer for TILE

TILE Labs: Summer Essentials - The group learns how to use the technology in 350 Van Allen

“Oh, you work at a college so you get the summer off!”  Or so is the perception among many outside the University community. Little do they know the summer time is often busy-time at Iowa.

From inducting a new cohort of TILE instructors to hosting visitors interested in learning more about student-centered active and inquiry-based learning at Iowa, the TILE program filled the summer with various projects and events.

In mid June, TILE hosted the TILE Labs: Essentials , welcoming 12 faculty/adjunct instructors and 3 teaching assistants to the larger TILE pool.

Ned Bowden (Chemistry) and Matt Gilchrist (Rhetoric) demonstrated their unique experiences teaching in a TILE classroom. Participant feedback showed individuals were satisfied with the variety of the training, especially presentations from the current TILE instructors.  To date, TILE Essentials has engaged 92 faculty, adjunct instructors, and TA’s.

In late June TILE/ ITS-Instructional Services staff members presented to the Higher Education Facilities Management Association (HEFMA). HEFMA represents Big Ten and other institutions interested in designing and renovating classroom spaces to promote active learning in higher education.

From the initial development of the space through the faculty training and ongoing support, HEFMA members were interested to learn how the University of Iowa developed our TILE spaces and supports a blend of pedagogy with technology. Members seemed pleased with what they heard.

The TILE program also recently partnered with the Office of the Provost, College of Education, and the Center for Teaching to welcome teachers and administrators from the Howard-Winneshiek Community School District to the UI campus.

The visit was part of Governor Terry Branstad’s STEM Advisory Council aimed at improving grades 6-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by providing matching grants to Iowa schools districts.

TILE classrooms are specifically identified as exemplars for schools districts to visit and learn about the space design and faculty preparation.

The staff, teachers, and students from Howard-Winneshiek proved to be an engaged and insightful group. The TILE program used the opportunity to gain insight into the K-12 perspective of a TILE space.

As we look forward to future partnerships with school districts across the state of Iowa, we are excited to continue transforming our processes and curriculum to best meet the needs of each group we work with – either on campus or off.