The End is Near (Summer is Coming)

The End is Near (Summer is Coming)


Can you believe there are only five weeks of classes remaining before the end of the semester? Even though the weather might suggest otherwise, summer is just around the corner and soon we'll be wrapping up another great year at the University of Iowa. Here are some resources and ideas to consider for ending the semester in a TILE classroom:

Feedback and Assessment

The end of the semester is the perfect time to collect student feedback about the TILE experience, especially if this is your first semester teaching in a TILE classroom. You can use the University's survey software, qualtrics, to build an easy online survey for your students, or incorporate feedback into your evaluation process by adding questions to your ACE evaluations or by handing out an additional TILE-specific evaluation. Student feedback is especially valuable for TILE classrooms since the focus of the environment is on the students themselves. While the approaches to asking for student feedback can vary widely, the results can provide useful insights into the effectiveness of activities, content delivery, course organization, and general level of satisfaction.

In February, we posted an article about assessment in the TILE classroom. The article features assessment research conducted at the University of Iowa as well as other resources focused on assessment in technology rich classrooms. We will keep you posted as we identify more resources and conduct further research of TILE spaces here at the University of Iowa.

Planning for Next Semester

Did you miss the deadline for reserving a TILE classroom for Fall 2013? That may actually be a blessing in disguise. The process to totally transform a course from a traditional classroom to an active learning environment can be time consuming and challenging. You may find it valuable to use the summer and fall to clearly articulate your course goals and activities. A little extra work now can pay off in dividends once you are teaching the course.

Want to try something new or need help transforming your course to a more student-centered model?  Schedule a consultation with a Student Instructional Technology Assistant (SITA) by emailing and scheduling a meeting.

Interested in learning more about TILE? Updates on TILE Labs Essentials, Accelerators, and other training opportunities are available on our TILE calendar. The next TILE Labs: Essentials has been tentatively scheduled for June 20, 2013. Register here

The Year in Review

In case you missed any news from TILE during our busiest year yet, here are some highlights:

•  Governor Branstad’s visit in March

•  Our newest TILE classroom opening in January

•  Our TILE website launching in November

Tell Us About Your TILE Experience

What did you learn about TILE this year? We welcome your feedback and would love to post any helpful resources you would like to share with other TILE instructors. We encourage you to add a lesson plan, fill out a profile, or send us other resources for the TILE website.