Meet Megan Mathews

Meet Megan Mathews

Megan Mathews Learning Technology Program Coordinator

As the TILE program enters its 11th term of courses, we are proud to welcome Megan Mathews to the TILE team!

In part of her role as Learning Technology Programming Coordinator, Megan will assess the TILE Labs program in order to identify areas of improvement and work to refine the resources and programming provided for students and faculty. She believes that effective communication is a fundamental part of this process:

“I believe this can happen when we listen carefully to instructor, student, department, and college needs and address those differing challenges,” she explained.

Megan is also planning to observe TILE classrooms and gather data that can help inform training programs across campus to improve technology-supported collaborative learning.

One of her favorite aspects of working for the University of Iowa is the people. She recognizes the importance of forging strong relationships throughout the UI community and she looks forward to working with constituents across campus from students to Department Executive Officers.

“As we saw from the flood of 2008, our community has a great capacity to collaborate and as a result, be strengthened as a whole. I plan to continue that spirit of cooperation and collaboration in my position by reaching out to people across campus and identifying opportunities for knowledge sharing and working together,” Mathews noted.

Megan has worked for the University of Iowa since graduating with B.F.A. Intermedia Art and B.A. Honors in Psychology degrees from the University. She spent several years as a research assistant/lab coordinator for the Hank Virtual Environments Lab and as a research lab coordinator in the Department of Psychology.

More recently, Megan worked as an IT consultant in the Enterprise Instruction Services team, which means she is an expert in the kinds of technologies that instructors employ here at the University.

Mathews is currently pursuing an M.S. Informatics degree from UI with a focus in interactive digital media.  In her free time she loves to create 3D animations and hone her design and programming skills for video game development.

She’s involved in organizations such as EPX Studios, and the Iowa Game Developers Friendship Club. She also loves walking Munro, her striped dog and playing with her 3 cats, Pinja, Iggy Pop, and Mr. Napolean.