TILE 2013 Year in Review

TILE 2013 Year in Review

2013 Year in Review

2013 marked some major accomplishments for the TILE Labs Program.

Engaging multiple departments, academic offices, and many faculty members, the TILE Labs Program (TLP) was able to dramatically increase the number of TILE enabled faculty and instructors, offer rich developmental opportunities, and help other institutions and colleagues create their own student-centered learning environments.

Overall, increasing the impact and influence of the TILE Labs Program was the priority for the year.

To accomplish this, we focused on increasing the number of faculty, instructors, and staff members who are TILE enabled. During the year, we offered four TILE Essential training sessions that prepared 86 faculty, TAs, and staff members for instruction in the TILE classrooms. 

The diversity of disciplines and enthusiasm of all the Essentials participants was truly impressive. In 2013, we brought more faculty, instructors, staff, and TA’s into the TILE program than in 2010, 2011, and 2012 combined.

We also sought to assure the TILE Labs Program was offering enriching and helpful development for all TILE instructors.

The TILE Labs: Accelerator program supports this priority. The topics for individual Accelerators ranged from TILE Technology refreshers, to assessment results in the TILE rooms, to sessions on incorporating specific technologies into courses.

The Accelerator program also introduced Accelerators “Best Practices” where individual TILE faculty and instructors showcased their transformational experiences in TILE classrooms.

“Best Practices” Accelerators included faculty and instructors from Spanish and Portuguese, Biology, and Rhetoric, and generated insightful conversations around teaching and learning at Iowa.

Nearly 100 faculty, instructors, staff, and TA’s participated in the Accelerator sessions.

Another challenge in 2013 was making sure we shared the TILE program and our experience with the larger Iowa and higher education community.

We hosted guests from across Iowa, and even welcomed a group of Canadians.

The year kicked off with TILE hosting Governor Brandstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds attending a TILE session presented by Dr. Sarah Vigmostad from the College of Engineering.

Over the summer, TILE hosted several Iowa school districts looking to develop their own student-centered classrooms as part of the Governors STEM Initiative.

The fall found us hosting a group from the University of Toronto – Mississauga. Our colleagues from the north toured multiple TILE rooms and spent the day learning how Iowa has taken the pedagogy of student-centered active learning to disciplines across the university.

The TILE program was excited to host these and other special guests throughout the year. These TILE tours have helped TILE give back to the greater educational and develop partnerships beyond our own campus.

As TILE enters 2014, we are excited about the growing opportunities. Check out the TILE website for more stats about the TILE program!