TILE Essentials: Fall 2017 Registration is Now Open

TILE Essentials: Fall 2017 Registration is Now Open

TILE Essentials is the Center for Teaching’s two-day intensive workshop that focuses on the active-learning pedagogies implemented by instructors who teach in TILE (as well as other) classrooms. Upon completion of both days of TILE Essentials, instructors will be enabled to request a TILE room from the Registrar’s Office. 


Day 1: Friday, November 3, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm, in LIB 1022 (TILE)

Day 2: Friday, November 10, 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm, in LIB 1022 (TILE)

The two-part training will focus on team-based, inquiry-guided teaching and learning, and also will provide additional technology instruction for those who would like it. 

Instructors will also complete preparation assignments before both Parts I and II. Thus we suggest registering by October 27 if possible.  

TILE Essentials are offered three times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall). Participating in the TILE Essentials is necessary prior to teaching in a TILE classroom. By completing the registration form you indicate that you will commit to participate in the intensive 2-day TILE Essentials, to respond to assessment inquiries, and to maintain involvement in the TILE Program through emails, inquiries, and optional retreats and discussions.