TILE Flex: A New Active Learning Space

TILE Flex: A New Active Learning Space

TILE Flex - 214 BHC

UPDATENew TILE-Flex room goes online:  If you are interested in teaching in the new TILE-Flex room, 214 Blank Honors Center, during spring semester 2015 and you have completed the pedagogy workshops (TILE Labs: Essentials or TILE Faculty Institutes). contact Charlene-maher@uiowa.edu  as soon as possible.  The new space offers novel seating arrangements and technologies to help faculty and students actively engage with course content through team-based, inquiry-guided learning.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: This August a new space enters the growing inventory of active learning classrooms on campus.

The Office for Teaching, Learning, & Technology is pleased to announce the Fall 2014 launch of the first TILE Flex classroom - 214 Blank Honors Center (BHC).

The TILE Flex room provides new opportunities for instructors and students.

“The new TILE Flex room in BHC builds on the TILE model in a couple of key ways," says Chris Clark, Director of Learning Spaces Technology.  "It changes group sizing to a six-person table; provides one computer per student and relies on some new, lower cost software switching technologies.”

A computer for each student in 214 BHC enhances the blend of individual and group work by enabling students to work independently while still engaged in group activities. Other activities that require synchronous individual work such as reflective writing, quizzes, and other independent student activities, will be easy to execute and share electronically. 

Instructors can more easily provide active demonstrations and technological training for computational, statistical analysis or video production tools. Students can now practice using digital tools in real-time while the instructor is available to answer questions. 

This may be particularly appealing to the digital arts, geography, computer science, business management, and engineering. 

The laptops in 214 BHC have beefed-up processors and memory for resource intensive applications like ArcGIS and Adobe Creative Suite.

In addition, a large open space between the tables in TILE Flex enables the entire class to gather, share ideas, and collaborate.

"We’re hoping to use this new room to explore and evaluate new modalities in the Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage (TILE) teaching model," says Clark. "We are excited to get our best and brightest faculty in this space." 

This room is part of a larger University of Iowa commitment to support active-learning pedagogy, while leveraging and expanding the University's position as a national leader in active learning through the Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage (TILE) Program.

If you are interested to learn more about the TILE Program, please contact tile@uiowa.edu.