The TILE Program welcomes Jane Russell!

The TILE Program welcomes Jane Russell!

Jae-Eun Lee

The University of Iowa is transforming the way we teach with a number of exciting new education initiatives. The Large Lecture Transformation project, the IDEAL project, and the new Learning Commons are examples of the ways in which the University of Iowa is pairing technology and education to create a student-centered learning experience. As part of this shift, we are excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Jae-Eun Lee (Jane) Russell! Jane joins us as an instructional designer. Recently, we sat down with Jane to talk about her new role and her plans for the University and TILE.

Jane explains that her primary task is to help develop and implement the Large Lecture Transformation project, a Student Success Team initiative intended to “leverage technology to transform a large lecture course delivery in order to provide increased student-centered learning” (ITS website). There are numerous methods and resources for how this can be accomplished and facilitated and Jane will work closely with faculty and staff engaged in this project over the coming year as each course’s curriculum is transformed. One option that is currently being considered is using TILE classrooms to help facilitate group work. The goal is to launch the redeveloped courses in the spring of 2014.

Prior to accepting the instructional designer position, Jane worked with the UI College of Nursing and Education, helping to improve their online classes and classroom instruction.  She owes some of her experience with technology to her Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems. Ultimately, she feels that instructors are the content experts, while she is there to provide additional expertise in instruction and to help teachers think about instruction in a variety of situations. Jane recently defended her doctoral dissertation SUPPORTING STUDENTS’ MOTIVATION IN COLLEGE ONLINE COURSES and will earn a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Psychological and Quantitative Foundations (Educational Psychology) in May 2013.

Jane is excited at the prospect of becoming more involved with the TILE classroom.