TILE's Big Day

TILE's Big Day

President Mason, Governor Branstad, and Lt Governor Reynolds visiting a TILE classroom


Friday, March 8th, was an exciting day for TILE.  

In the morning, Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds participated in a hands-on TILE demonstration, joined by University of Iowa Student Government student leaders. The students, Lieutenant Governor, and Governor were guided through a simulation by Dr. Sarah Vigmostad, from the Department of Biomedical Engineering, exploring the use of medical devices in cardiac procedures. The hands-on experience showed the special guests the learning impact of an active-learning environment. Read more about the Governor’s visit here.

In the afternoon, the TILE Labs program hosted the largest Essentials to date, with over thirty faculty, staff and graduate students in attendance from across the University. In this multi-disciplinary, collaborative TILE training, faculty had the opportunity to discuss principles of student-centered teaching in the TILE classroom, and start the process of transforming their own curriculums by incorporating active learning pedagogy. Faculty also work-shopped learning objectives and practiced using the TILE technology.

The highlight of Essentials were demonstrations by two extraordinary TILE instructors Dr. Sarah Vigmostad, Biomedical Engineering, and Matt Gilchrist, Rhetoric. Dr. Vigmostad showed attendees how she has flipped her classroom. Transforming her role from the “sage on the stage” where she mainly lectures from the front podium, to “the guide on the side” where students engage in group problem-solving activities aided by her support. Matt Gilchrist guided the group through a simulation of a TILE activity. Attendees actually worked through an exercise gaining the opportunity to see what and how students experience a TILE classroom.

There will be more opportunities to engage with TILE Labs in the future. TILE will be hosting a TILE Accelerator, “Technology Training & Applied Practice” on March 27th from 9:30-10:30am in 134 Trowbridge Hall. Click here to register.

Check the TILE website for more information about this and other TILE-related activities.