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About Bjorn Anderson

Björn Anderson received a B.A. in Humanities from the University of Oregon, an M.A. in Classical Archaeology from the University of British Columbia, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Classical Art & Archaeology from the University of Michigan. A specialist in the study of material, cultural, and visual interaction in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, he has taught a variety of courses in ancient art, archaeology, and digital technologies. His dissertation focused on cultural identity in the Nabataean capital of Petra in southern Jordan, and his book manuscript is entitled Negotiating Identity in Nabataean Arabia. His articles have appeared inArs Orientalis and Studies in the History and Archaeology of Jordan, and he has also contributed to The World of Ancient Persia (2010) and the Springer Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology (2012). A member of The Digital Studio for Public Arts and Humanities at the University of Iowa (, his digital projects include involvement in the Levantine Ceramics Project ( A trained archaeologist, he has excavated in both Israel and Jordan. 

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