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About Claire Pavlik

My research in economic geography focuses on the restructuring of service industries, especially health care, in the United States. Projects in this area include the evaluation of organizational changes in health care sectors, as well as the impacts that these changes have had on the availability of and access to health care.

Changes in health care delivery, particularly the shift from hospital-based inpatient care to clinic-based ambulatory care, have also led to increases in the role of home-based and family-provided care. My research also examines these impacts, as the services traditionally provided by health care professionals in health care facilities are relocated to the home site, with care tasks performed by visiting health workers or by unpaid family members. The methodological approaches of these projects include qualitative research methods and GIS-based assessments. In addition to my work in Geography, I am also involved in interdisciplinary research teams with colleagues at the University of Iowa in the College of Nursing and the College of Public Health.

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