David Burney


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About David Burney

I grew up in Madison, WI and got my first degree in physical geography from UW-Platteville. I then took 4 years off from school and worked at Burnie's Rock Shop in Madison where I met my beautiful wife Laura. In 2011 I went back to school as a post-bach and earned another degree in geology from Oregon State University where I did a thesis on the geochemistry of amphiboles within a tonalite in the Northern Cascades.

I am now working on my Masters on the geochemistry of sub-glacial basalt from Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland.  This basalt is abnormally crystalline, and erupted over 100 km away from the active rift zones on Iceland.  By quantifying the chemistry of the minerals present I can calculate the depths and temperatures of crystallization to determine the plumbing system beneath this deposit.  I can then compare the plumbing system beneath Saefellsnes to the plumbing system beneath the rift zones, and compare the magma storage and ascent between the two different types of lithosphere.

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