Frank Durham


Associate Professor


(319) 335-3362


E330 AJB

About Frank Durham

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department: Journalism and Mass Communication

Research Interests:

Frank Durham's research interests have focused on critical analyses of media framing processes. He has investigated this nexus in a variety of contexts, including in news coverage of the crash of Flight 800, the 1997 Thai currency crisis, and the Katrina disaster.

TILE course: Media History and Culture


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1993.


Durham teaches Media History and Culture, Media Framing, and courses on the conservative media, and the history of journalism and satire. He has written an analysis the ‘media insurgency’ of Internet-based media insurgents Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe versus the legacy press in the ACORN scandal. He is currently researching a book on Walter Lippmann’s role in the modernization of the press and the rise of the conservative movement in the 1920s.

Contributed Modules

Frank Durham has not contributed any modules at this time.