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About Jacinda Bunch

Jacinda Bunch, RN, graduated with an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences (Nursing) from Lincoln University in 1992; a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2006; a master’s degree in Leadership and Health Care Systems from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2008; and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Iowa in May 2014.

Her clinical background includes medical-surgical nursing, orthopedics, managed care, nurse paralegal, corrections nursing, and nursing administration. Jacinda is currently a lecturer at the University of Iowa teaching undergraduate nursing courses such as Improving Health Systems. She is also a second-year fellow in the Veteran’s Administration Quality and Safety Scholar program, where she completed a surgical discharge quality improvement project and is an active member of a research team exploring the implementation and utilization of multi-state tele-ICU services.

Jacinda’s area of research interest is health systems and patient safety, specifically how nurses work in acute care settings to keep patients safe.

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