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About Keith Stroyan

One of my main interests is using computing to help students learn and apply mathematics.  This site has a number of interactive programs both about courses and my research.  Many samples of my course materials and several texts are also included. Click the text icons or links above.

I am also interested in modern infinitesimal numbers.  In 1960 Abraham Robinson showed how to make Leibniz’ approach to calculus rigorous in the sense of modern mathematics.  (He called the theory “non-standard analysis” although the theory is an ordinary part of set theory.)  There is a brief course on infinitesimals on this site and references to my research. Click the Infinitesimals link.

A few years ago Mark Nawrot (NDSU) and I developed a mathematical model for the perception of depth from “motion parallax” that answered some open questions.  We are actively developing and testing the theory in his lab.

Contributed Modules

Keith Stroyan has not contributed any modules at this time.