Mary High




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114 Becker Communication Studies Building

About Mary High

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences

Department: Communication Studies

Research Interests: History of public address, social movement rhetoric, and women's rhetoric in the United States.

TILE course: Criticism and Public Culture


Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2009.

M.A., Texas A&M University, 2005.

B.A, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003 .

Mary High is a Lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies. She joined the department in 2012, after earning a Ph.D. and teaching for several years at The Pennsylvania State University. Mary's graduate studies focused on both organizational communication and rhetoric. She has taught a variety of undergraduate courses in these areas and in public speaking. In all of her courses, she aims to create a classroom environment in which students feel welcome to express their opinions and ideas, seek and receive helpful feedback on their work, and engage course material with their own experiences. As a teacher, Mary's ultimate goal is to help students become independent thinkers, critical consumers of messages, effective communicators of their ideas, and lifelong learners. She sees these qualities not only as markers of a liberal arts education, but also as essential skills for active life in a democracy.     Mary's research interests include the history of public address, social movement rhetoric, and women's rhetoric in the United States. In particular, she studies the ways in which people use speech, broadly defined, to attend to issues of social justice and effect change in the world. She is especially concerned with how those who have been excluded from public deliberations in the past find ways to make their voices heard. By studying the processes through which marginalized groups have advanced their interests, she hopes to increase understanding of the role of rhetoric in U.S. democratic practice.

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