Matthew Hodler

About Matthew Hodler

I am a sixth year PhD candidate in Health and Sport Studies. Before moving to Iowa City, I lived in the great state of North Carolina – one of the twelve states in which I’ve lived. I earned a BA in Sociology at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After four years in the bar and restaurant business, I returned to school to get an MA in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My master’s thesis had the clever title, “Representative Athletes: National Identity in Olympic Swimmers,” where I interviewed Olympic swimmers about their national identity.

The practices and performances of trans/nationalism and how they relate to sport are fascinating to me and, as a result, I initially intended to examine Scottish Highland Games in the United States for my dissertation. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen meteorological mishaps, I had to change my dissertation to my other chief area of interest: the Olympics. I am utilizing the Reading Sport Critically methodology to examine the racial, colonial, national, and gendered processes of the Olympic Industry. My point of entry is the little-known London 2012 public ceremony where Michael Phelps was awarded the up-until-then nonexistent official title, the Greatest Olympian of All-Time.

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