Sara Mana


Visiting Assistant Professor


(319) 335-0893



About Sara Mana

I am a broad-spectrum geochemist with particular interest in geochemical quantitative analysis and their applications, isotopic geochemistry and geochronology. During my Ph.D. I focused on the role of magmatism in rifting using radiogenic isotope and incompatible trace element geochemistry to infer the source and depth of melting in the North Tanzanian Divergence zone (East African Rift system). I have performed high-precision 40Ar/39Ar step-heating geochronology on mineral separates and matrix samples; ICP-OES and MC-ICP-MS measurements (P54, Neptune and Nu) on whole rock digested samples; SEM, EMPA and LA-ICP-MS on thin section. Additionally, I am trained on XRD, XRF and Raman Spectroscopy and I am interested in exploring other characterization methods. Through my Postdoc in the groups of Prof. Peter C. Burns and Prof. Antonio Simonetti in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences (University of Notre Dame) I intended to broaden the focus of my research and strengthen my technical expertise applying these techniques to different kind of materials (e.g. Uranium minerals, Trinitite glass).

Contributed Modules

Sara Mana has not contributed any modules at this time.