Scott Spak


Assistant Professor


(319) 335-9993


223 SQ


About Scott Spak

Department: Urban and Regional Planning, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Organizations: Public Policy Center - Environmental Policy Program

Research Interests: Aerosol Impacts on Climate, High Resolution Coupled Earth and Human Systems Modeling, Effects of Urban Form and Policy on Air Quality, Air Toxics

TILE course: Modeling Dynamic Systems


Ph.D., Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009 .

A.B., Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College, 2000 .


Assistant Professor Scott Spak joined the faculty at the University of Iowa in 2011, with joint appointments in Urban & Regional Planning, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and the Public Policy Center. He holds a PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an AB from Dartmouth College. Professor Spak studies how technology, policy, and societal change contribute to human interactions with the environment, and uses models of linked Earth and human systems to inform policy at urban to global scales.    At Iowa, Professor Spak teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on environmental policy, systems science, and megacities. In Modeling Dynamic Systems, students learn systems thinking, scenario planning, and integrated assessment modeling. Beginning in 2013, the course contributes to the Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities, with students using the TILE classroom's facilities to collaborate in applying these approaches to contemporary planning and policy issues in Iowa.

Contributed Modules

Scott Spak has not contributed any modules at this time.