TILE Stats

TILE Stats

student enrollment title

Student enrollment in TILE classes has grown, along with the opening of additional TILE classrooms, and increased in the number of course sections offered to University of Iowa students. Since the program's inception on campus, enrollment numbers in a TILE course has peaked to 17,130 registrants.

Academic Year Enrollment
2010-2011 906
2011-2012 2,184
2012-2013 3,413
2013-2014 4,787
2014-2015 5,840
Total 17,130

*This number does not reflect unique students who have taken a TILE course. 

Student Enrollment in TILE by Academic Year


Course sections title

From 2010 to 2015, students at the University of Iowa have had the opportunity to enroll in 696 course sections in eight TILE classrooms. 


Academic Year Sections Offered
2010-2011 33
2011-2012 93
2012-2013 139
2013-2014 200
2014-2015 231
Total 696


TILE Courses by Academic Year